Planning a baby or bridal shower doesn't have to be stressful! It's a time of celebration, welcoming new life, and spending time with loved ones. I know what you're thinking… "easier said than done!"…"there's so much to do!"…"I don't even know where to start!"…

Don't fret, we've got you covered. Here are 5 tips that will make planning a little easier and allow you to actually enjoy your day.

1. Find a venue that does it all 

Some venues offer the full sha-bang – food on site, an event planner, chairs, linens, everything you need! This makes the planning process much easier. It eliminates the stress of finding a caterer, hiring a private planner, ordering linens (and hoping they arrive without stains and wrinkles,) ordering furniture, and paying delivery fees. Trust us. You don't want to worry about all of that stuff. Let your venue take care of it! 


2. Take a tour 

There's nothing worse than arriving the morning of your shower and realizing the room is nothing how you envisioned it. Your mind will start racing… "Is my decor going to look good in this room?"…"I think my centerpieces are way too big for these tables."… "This wall color looked different in the photos I saw"… Instead, take the time to go check out the venue ahead of time. You'll know exactly what to expect, how to plan your decor, and will lead to a lot less panic. 

3. Get there early 

Most venues allow you to arrive two hours before. Grab a friend, sister, mom, aunt, build a small army, and take full advantage of those two hours. Take the time to make sure that the room is decorated and setup exactly how you want before guests arrive. You don't want your centerpieces sitting in a box on the floor before Aunt Nancy arrives. 


4. Set RSVP date for 3 weeks before 

Setting the RSVP date for 3 weeks out allows you to get an accurate headcount for your favors, food, and table set with plenty of time to spare. There will always be a handful of people to send back their RSVPs late and this gives you a buffer for those last minute Nellys. Also, don't forget to include a place for guests to fill out their allergies and dietary restrictions on the RSVP! You'd hate to have your cousin with a nut allergy going hungry because you forgot to include that section.

5. Stick to your budget 

You don't want to overextend yourself planning a shower. Your guests won't care if you upgrade to shimmery pink linen instead of saving on white linen that the venue provides. If they do care, you need to relook at your guest list. They're there to celebrate with you and welcome a new life into this world, not to judge you on your decor choices. Plus, your BFF Pinterest has some amazing budget friendly ideas that will make your event fabolous without blowing the bank.