Team Building Activities

Is Your Team Up For The Challenge?
Looking for a fun, new way to bring your team together while improving communication and co-working skills? You are in the right place! Get fired up with your colleagues in these unique workshops and competitions brimming with culinary adventure and fun. To ensure the best experience, aspects of these team building activities may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables. Rates for Team building vary dependent on number of guests. Packages start at $15 per person plus applicable taxes and gratuities.

The Cupcake Challenge
This fun interactive and delicious activity capitalizes on your team's creativity and sweet tooth. This is a great event to do before or after a meal and can be incorporated into your lunch, dinner or afternoon team THE CUPCAKE CHALLENGE!

Each team will be given art supplies to start, so they can create a Team Chef's Hat! Individuals decorate their chef's hat with their team name and anything else they feel is appropriate... Then the real fun begins. Teams are challenged to decorate their cupcakes so that they symbolize the team itself, the company, the theme of the meeting, their positions at the company, or another decided theme.

Each team will be given materials to create a "DISPLAY" in which they'll be able to stack their treats into showpieces. Prizes will be given to best overall display!

After judging, participants will enjoy their creations and/or box them up to take home

Iron Chef-Style Group Cooking Competition
In this Iron Chef-style and Chopped-like team building activity, guests are divided into teams and face off in a timed culinary competition. With our professional chefs as culinary coaches, each team strategizes together to create a meal consisting of pre-determined ingredients chosen by our chefs. Creativity, division of tasks and effective communication within each team are critical for the win. Members of the team that dishes up the best meal win prizes based on presentation, teamwork, and taste.

Game On!
What a better way to let loose and build camaraderie than a fun collaboration of games and activities to enjoy with your colleagues! Guests will gather in teams to participate in everything from ping-pong to putting contests, corn hole and more! Let your imagination be your guide. Making it as casual or competitive as you’d like, your guests will have plenty of fun as they navigate numerous yard games that will keep the laughs and smiles coming! It’s the perfect ice-breaker for new co-workers or the perfect ending to a long day of meetings and presentations.

Gingerbread House Building Competition
Teams work together to design, build and decorate the best Gingerbread House to reflect their company and/or their group within the company. All materials are provided including instructions, gingerbread pieces, decorations, icing, candy, sprinkles and other goodies! You supply the resourceful creativity and dynamic energy. So, roll up your sleeves and get down to building basics. Design a delicious gingerbread house that reflects the personality and mission of your group. Turn the gingerbread building into a friendly competition by appointing a member of your team or our event staff as your judge. Each team’s designs will be evaluated based on overall build quality, creative decorations, and best use of the provided materials.

The Sangria Challenge: Pop the Cork!!
In this Sangria Challenge teams are challenged to make a very special alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink that includes White and Red Wine and lots of other "secret" ingredients. Teams will be instructed by our knowledgeable facilitator by educating the group on wine, as well as the history of Sangria before the culinary portion. Up next, teams are challenged to a trivia quiz, testing their information retention skills — and will grant the winning team the advantage of picking their ingredients first (the challenge portion). This Team Building Sangria Challenge will tantalize your taste buds while challenging your knowledge and creativity. Each team will develop a marketing plan for their drink, a new logo and slogan, a name for "their" winery and their specific sangria drink and so much more!

Chili Cook-Off
Our fun filled Chili Cook-Off is designed to increase camaraderie within a group. Culinary skills will come in handy as each team puts a spin on a traditional recipe to create their own unique chili. This event requires organization and teamwork. Each team will designate a head chef from the start, whose responsibility is to oversee the specific assignments for the rest of the team. Several tasks will be occurring simultaneously including prepping and cooking the chili, decorating their team chef hats, and creating a presentation or jingle that will showcase the uniqueness of their team. When the judging begins, scorecards will be utilized to award points based on creativity, presentation, and taste. One team will emerge triumphant as the reigning Chili Cook-Off Champions! Judges will be a combination of members of the participating company and our event staff.