Golf Paradise: Your Guide to Playing Golf at The International

Allow us to take you on a deeper exploration of the pure golf experience that The Pines Course and The Oaks Course offer. These two championship golf courses are steeped in history and are known far and wide for their distinct challenges and unique charm.

The Pines Course: A Classic New England Golf Gem



Built in 1901, The Pines Course originally consisted of 66 acres of open farmland that proved to be ideal for a "short but tricky" nine-hole course. In 1954, Geoffrey Cornish, with input from Francis Ouimet, had the distinction of designing the regulation course that exists today. This involved lengthening the course to 8,040 yards and becoming the longest golf course in the world at this time.  In 1972, Robert Trent Jones was contracted to enhance the experience and modify many of the slick greens and challenging bunkers. Robert Jones also lengthened the course a bit more to the 8,325 yards that The Pines Course is today. In 1987, Geoffrey Cornish's team returned to complete a redesign project to the 8th hole. This Boston golf course has an immense amount of history and has been touched by some of the best minds in golf, which has made it truly one of the best golf courses in Massachusetts.

In 2021, The International was acquired by Escalante Golf, a boutique owner and operator of golf clubs and resorts nationwide. Escalante's goal was to restore the excellence of The Pines Course and The International as a whole. With Escalante's help, The Pines Course is undergoing its biggest redesign yet. The renowned golf architects Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw are the creative minds behind The Pines Course redesign. Their approach to golf course design is nothing short of visionary, blending a profound respect for the natural landscape with an unwavering commitment to playability and strategic excellence.

As the Pines Course continues to take shape, The International Members are in for a treat, as they witness firsthand the magic of the Coore & Crenshaw design philosophy. Every element of this Massachusetts golf course, from the layout of holes to the placement of bunkers and greens, has been meticulously thought out to enhance the private golf experience while preserving the property's natural beauty. The course is characterized by its use of fescue grasses, known for their firm and fast playing surfaces. This feature allows for exciting gameplay, including the possibility of bouncing the ball into greens, making it distinct from many U.S. golf courses that often require high, soft approaches.

One of the course's remarkable features is that approximately one third of its greens slope from front to back, challenging golfers to strategically navigate their shots. This design element encourages a different style of play, where you don't necessarily need to fly the ball onto the green, adding an element of fun and variety to the game. Additionally, The Pines Course features a variety of hole types, including a short par three, a drivable par four, a short par five, and a handful of long par threes, fours and fives.

What makes Coore & Crenshaw truly exceptional is their ability to create golf courses that are both challenging and incredibly enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels. The finished product of The Pines Course will be no exception, offering a dynamic and ever-evolving golf experience that engages and excites players.

In essence, the Pines Course is a testament to Coore & Crenshaw's visionary approach to golf course design. It's a unique opportunity for our Members to be part of a golf legacy that celebrates the artistry of the sport while embracing the natural landscape. Playing the Pines Course is a journey through New England's landscapes. Massachusetts golf enthusiasts can look forward to an exceptional and evolving golf experience on this remarkable course.

The Oaks Course: A Legendary Boston Golf Course


Opened in 2001, The Oaks golf course stands as a masterful creation by the acclaimed Tom Fazio. This meticulously designed layout seamlessly weaves through the existing topography, artfully defined by distinctive features like "waste bunkers" and "naturalized areas." A visual marvel, The Oaks consistently delights with its stunning aesthetics and an exceptional Massachusetts golf experience.

After the acquisition in 2021, Escalante Golf immediately sought to bring The Oaks Course back to the standard of excellence that the Membership of The International deserves, so Escalante brought in esteemed architect Tripp Davis to embark on an ambitious project aimed at restoring The Oaks Course to its former glory. Their mission? To recapture the essence of strategic, artful bunkering and the expansive, meticulously manicured waste areas that define the course's character. 

During this meticulous restoration effort, The Oaks Course was not only lengthened but also transformed. Tee boxes were expertly leveled and re-grassed, ensuring a pristine playing experience for our Members that pays homage to the course's original design. Additionally, significant improvements were made to enhance irrigation efficiency, fortify drainage capabilities, and revamp cart paths. These enhancements collectively contribute to solidifying The Oaks Course's renewed reputation as a premier private golf destination in the Boston area. 

With its par 72 layout and generous length of 7,116 yards from the back tees, the Oaks Course offers a golf experience that balances challenge with forgiveness.

Generous-looking fairways and expansive greens are hallmarks of the Oaks Course, providing golfers with room to maneuver and strategize. However, don't mistake its openness for simplicity. The course presents its own set of challenges, with strategically placed bunkers and doglegs that demand well-planned shots. And with a backdrop of the Wachusett mountains, the highlands feel of the Oaks Course means it has some of the most spectacular views in all of New England. 

The Oaks Course is often considered a more forgiving option for golfers of all skill levels compared to its counterpart, the Pines Course. It's an excellent choice for those who seek a balance between challenge and playability, making it accessible to a wide range of golf enthusiasts.

Just like its sibling course, the Oaks Course has its own share of history. The Oaks Course hosted some of the greatest players in the world. LIV Golf brought names like Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, Patrick Reed, and Sergio Garcia during the LIV Golf Boston event in September 2022. Showcasing its ability to host professional tournaments while offering an enjoyable experience for Members and guests.

Both Courses: A Legacy of Excellence


Both the Pines Course and the Oaks Course at The International Golf Club are esteemed championship courses that have earned their reputation for excellence. Whether you're drawn to the rugged beauty and challenge of the Pines or the strategic play of the Oaks, you're in for an unforgettable Massachusetts golf adventure.

At The International, we take immense pride in offering a private golf experience that caters to all skill levels and preferences. Whether you're seeking a challenging round or a more forgiving game, our Boston golf courses are meticulously designed to deliver.

The International Golf Club is not just a great place to play golf; it's a haven for those who appreciate the rich history, championship-level courses, and top-notch facilities. If you're searching for a remarkable golf experience in the Boston area, The International Golf Club is the destination of choice. Join us and discover the magic of golf amidst nature's beauty and the legacy of these exceptional courses.