A Masterpiece, Re-Mastered.

Oaks Course Tour 

Opened in 2001, The Oaks golf course, a brilliantly conceived masterpiece by the renowned Tom Fazio, seamlessly integrates with the existing topography, artfully framed by distinctive "waste bunkers" and "naturalized areas." This harmonious blend not only offers an exceptional visual delight but also ensures an unparalleled and enjoyable golfing experience for enthusiasts of all levels.


In 2021, renowned architect Tripp Davis and his team embarked on an ambitious project to restore the course to its former glory of strategic, artful bunkering and vast manicured waste areas. The golf course has not only been lengthened but also meticulously transformed, with tee boxes expertly leveled and re-grassed to ensure a pristine playing experience. In addition to these enhancements, significant work has been undertaken to optimize irrigation, bolster drainage capabilities, and revamp cart paths, all contributing to the course's renewed reputation as a premier Boston golfing destination.

Tripp Davis Sketch - Hole 14

Progress (July 2021) - Hole 14