A Masterpiece, Re-Mastered.

Opened in 2001, The Oaks golf course is a beautifully designed masterpiece by Tom Fazio. The layout combines existing topography, outlined by distinctive "waste bunkers" and "naturalized areas." Always pleasing to the eye, The Oaks delivers an outstanding visual and playable golf experience. 

Renowned architect Tripp Davis and his team are restoring the course to its former glory of strategic, artful bunkering and vast manicured waste areas. The golf course is being lengthened, tee boxes have been laser leveled and re-grassed, and additional work is being done to improve irrigation, drainage, and cart paths. One of the ambitions of The Oaks course restoration is to give the course the ability to play firm and fast. Work is expected to be completed in the late 2021 golf season.

Tripp Davis Sketch - Hole 14

Progress (July 2021) - Hole 14